Italian Design Days @ ARMANI/CASA

Date and time

15 April 2021
From April 7 to April 15, 10am to 5pm


Armani/Casa, 1656 W 2nd Ave, V6J 1H4, British Columbia, Canada

More info please contact us at or call 604.682.1410 (M/F 9am – 5pm).

Open House

Launch of the New Spring 2021 product line!


Only by appointment!


Date: April 7 to April 15, 2021

(closed on Saturday & Sunday)


Time: 10am to 5pm


RSVP: send an email to


This event is part of the “Italian Design Days” organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West, in collaboration with ITA Italian Trade Commission and the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver. To learn more and browse the full calendar of events, visit 


If you wish to receive more information or browse the list of open houses & online Webinars hosted by the Italian Design Days, please visit


You can also contact us at or 604.682.1410 (M/F 9am – 5pm).


Find more Made in Italy around you! 

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Canada’s first Armani/Casa showroom, in Vancouver’s Armoury District. Signore Armani’s signature is embossed on the lamp’s base and functions as the switch: touch his name and there will be light. The octogenarian Armani was involved in every aspect of designing the space.