Death of an Art Form: Architectural Drafting & Pencil Sketching

Date and time

31 March 2022

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“Whenever I go back to Italy and visit our house in Sant’Elia, I reflect on so many good times and the tranquility we enjoyed there as a family. Each time I return to Canada, I feel like I have left part of me there to grow old among the ruins.”

Carmen P. Naccarato 

(Death of an Art Form: Architectural Drafting & Pencil Sketching)


During the pandemic, Mr. Naccarato came up with the idea of writing the manuscript for this book and chose all the images that best represent his career and artistic sketches.


In this book, Mr. Naccarrato narrates the story of his life, an Italian immigrant, who left Italy and arrived in Canada for a new life, where he became a notable architectural technologist.


About the Author

Carmen P. Naccarato is an accomplished architectural draftsman who has designed and developed buildings in Alberta, Canada. Much of his work can be found in the Edmonton area but spans across the country and into the United States as well. Originally from Italy, Mr. Naccarato moved his family to Windsor, Canada in 1954. This book is a legacy collection of his work and achievements throughout the past sixty years.


This story is not only about the life and career of Mr. Naccarato, but most importantly it is about the struggle to cope with the transition of manual drafting coming to an end and to go on with computer generated drawings for the building industry. To quote another lover of manual drafting. The thrill of vanquishing and monster sized, fire breathing design problem with nothing more than a small sharpened stick.