GreenW is a leading independent digital agency specialized in online advertising strategies and search marketing backed by data intelligence, combining them to solve complex projects for brands. They partner with some of the biggest companies in the global digital marketing industry while winning important awards along the way.


With over twenty years of expertise in actively responding to the ongoing transformation of the internet, they have successfully learned tools of the trade. Their agency is fully certified on the Google Marketing Platform stack, allowing them to help you deliver dynamic experiences to customers and drive more effective marketing results.




  • Data Intelligence: Make better decisions with our data intelligence services: we implement and configure complex platforms and tracking systems to better process and structure data.
  • User Trust Management: Make every digital touch point that your customers come in contact with, count. Build user trust and manage company reputation aligned through creative dynamic content.
  • Campaign Management: Target a captive audience wherever they are online through various formats with full-funnel advertising. Deliver timely and pertinent coordinated messages.
  • Digital Acceleration: Foster a culture of growth inside your company. We help your organization by testing, innovating and learning new technologies that add value to your bottom line.
  • Amazon Marketing: Amplify brand’s performances on Amazon through content optimization, programmatic and performance adv.


Our Other Locations

Via Oratorio, 12A, Correggio, RE, Italy

Piazza IV Novembre, 1, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy


375 water, V6B 5C6, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Main products

Web Marketing, Data Intelligence and Measurement, User Trust Management, Campaign Management, Digital Acceleration


375 water, V6B 5C6, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



375 water, V6B 5C6, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada




    Data Intelligence & Measurement

    User Trust Management

    Campaign Management

    Digital Acceleration