Armani/Casa is Giorgio Armani’s platform which sets out his vision of interiors as intimate special places with a mood of emotional pleasure; somewhere to relax and entertain guests surrounded by beauty and elegance. The home, imagined by Giorgio Armani, is a place that provides the pleasure of well-being. Armani/Casa modernizes the way spaces are used with every detail being meticulously conceived to express the idea of subtle luxury.


Inspirations for the collection are taken from Art Déco and Eastern cultures, blended with contemporary influences. The Armani/Casa aesthetic philosophy focuses on simple lines and perfect proportions, enriched by precious materials, refined finishes, and elegant textiles.


Canada’s first Armani/Casa showroom, in Vancouver’s Armoury District. Signore Armani’s signature is embossed on the lamp’s base and functions as the switch: touch his name and there will be light. The octogenarian Armani was involved in every aspect of designing the space. “Vancouver is a truly special place,” says the venerable fashion designer.


“With the new Armani/Casa store, I was looking to convey a way of living and being at home that was not just based on rationality and design, but also emotion. In the boutique, the natural light enhances the light of the materials, creating a warm environment that almost seems to float.”


Armani/Casa's New Collection

Giorgio Armani has always been concerned about sustainability and the impact of his business on the environment. Armani Casa therefore has made for the first time furniture and accessories made with fewer resources. Armani was the first fashion house to approach interior design, and since 2000 Armani has been publishing the Armani/Casa line, whose philosophy is to create timeless pieces that last forever. Collections based on cameos of natural shades just punctuated with touches of color or using scraps of wood and stone used for the larger furniture. Giving a second life to noble and natural materials guarantees a unique piece of furniture. The new collection pieces of Armani/Casa are Page (dining table), Paladino (table lamp), Passion (coiffeuse), Pillar (dining table), Planet (dining table), Plank (coffee table) and Puro (small table).


1656 West 2nd Avenue, V6J 1H4, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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1656 West 2nd Avenue, V6J 1H4, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



1656 West 2nd Avenue, V6J 1H4, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada







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